Journeys Outpatient Specialty Services


If you are ready to start the journey, we are ready to gain your trust.  Individual counseling services are at the current moment, very sought after by many.  We offer evening and weekend appointments as well as day appointments for your needs.  Call us today to set up your free consultation. 


Working on several models, we find just the right fit for you and your needs.  Depression does not have to hold a stigma that you are afraid of.  Seeking assistance to get through a tough time is nothing to be afraid of.  Let us show you why. 


Couples fight and scoff at each other.  Couples should not fight so much that they are not even happy to see each other.  Learn what it is to have a "relationship"  and why it matters to get along. 


We have a counselor that not only has been working in Addictions, but we have a counselor that will not look down upon you because you have an issue with addictions. We will assist you to gain the resources to help you get clean today.  Sobriety is tough but you are tougher 


Are you having issues with your child?  Let us assist you in finding the right balance of reprimanding and loving.  Focus based therapy and strengths perspective are two of our modalities we currently use to help struggling parents. 


PTSD and Trauma is very difficult to treat but our professional therapists are here for you as we move forward into your journey.  One of our therapists uses EMDR as a focus ( which not many therapists are certified in ) as well as DBT techniques and strengths based perspective to get to the root of the anguish that you are feeling. 

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Depression and anxiety are two of the most common go withs in therapy.  Meaning if you have anxiety you are usually suffering from Depression as well.  Lets find out why today. 


Group therapy for all.  We are ranging our group therapy on different topics to include coping with a pandemic to couples group therapy.  Call to see when our schedule is.  732-333-6840