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Reiki Treatment

Hannah Mary 

Reiki Level Three Master Clinician 

Hannah is a level three reiki master clinician who has many years experience with people who are "stuck" or who need to let things go.  She is a intuitive light for those suffering from loss and depression.  If you do the work so will she. 

Hannah is also doing great things with Michelle, our Hypontist at Soulsational Festival in Bayville.  Want to see what all of the services are about?  Give us a call today!  Come in for a tour and meet our staff! 


    Modern Office

    Ana Tuzio, MSW, LSW 

    Intake Coordinator 

    Ana is part of the ancillary team as the intake coordinator.  She has been passionate for years for the well being of others and is quite frankly the best intake coordinator that we could even ask for.


      Minibus on the Road

      Suzanne O Reilly,BSW

      Transportation Coordinator 

      Sue is the transportation guru.  Responsible for all of the routes, she picks up and drops off the clients that do not have transportation.  We offer all of our clients transportation all you need to do is ask.  Feel free to call today to schedule your appointment with transport today. 


        Journeys Outpatient Services LLC 

        Now Hiring 

        We are hiring for all services, Reiki, Massage, Acupuncture, Chiropractor, Social Worker, Counselor, Project Manager, Group Leader, Housing Managers, Maintenance Manager etc.. Inquire Within